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March 22nd More Trivia with Jim

How about we put a bit of Biblical Trivia in our usual stuff?

March 29th Movie Night with Jim

By popular demand our classic moviefor this month, will be Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie North By Northwest. While having lunch at the Plaza Hotel in New York, advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill (Cary Grant) has the bad luck to call for a messenger just as a page goes out for a "George Kaplan." From that moment, Thornhill finds that he has stepped into a nightmare -- he is quietly abducted by a pair of armed men out of the hotel's famous Oak Room and transported to a Long Island estate; there, he is interrogated by a mysterious man (James Mason) who, believing that Roger is George Kaplan, demands to know what he knows about his business and how he has come to acquire this knowledge.

April 5th  Trivia Night

Some more of out patented “Didja Knows" Come join us for some mind expanding questions, and a bit of answer discussions.