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Friday Night Programs

The Friday Night Programs provide a safe venue for mutual acquaintance, featuring facilitated and non-facilitated discussion groups, card playing, and information programs for singles.  A $3 admission defrays the cost of rent.


    7:00 - Doors Open for social time
    7:30 to 8:00 - Light refreshments.
    8:00 - Group Interaction announcements covering all the upcoming events and activities
    8:15 - Break into various activities: structured mixers (see schedule), card playing, or free-flowing discussions until closing at 9:30 PM.
Location: Central Christian Church, 1200 Forrer Blvd, Kettering, Ohio 45420 (at the corner of Forrer Blvd and Smithville Rd.) Click for map


May 17th TBD Book of Questions With Tom

Another night of thought provoking discussions with Toms Book of questions.


May 24th More Trivia with Jim

OK, you asked for it more trivia. We might even mix in a bit of biblical trivia.

May 31st Movie Night with Jim

True Grit Starring John Wayne and Kim Darby. Frank Ross is murdered by his hired hand, Tom Chaney. Ross's young daughter, Mattie, travels to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where she hires aging U.S. Marshal Reuben "Rooster" J. Cogburn to bring Chaney in, raising his fee by shrewdly horse trading with Colonel Stonehill. Mattie has heard that Cogburn has "true grit". She gives him a payment to track and capture Chaney, who has taken up with outlaw "Lucky" Ned Pepper in Indian Territory