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Group Interaction facilitates various activities throughout the month.  These include day trips, special shopping expeditions, visits to points of interest, cards, game playing events, and various other activities.

Upcoming Activities


Bid Euchre, and Scrabble are our usual games. We are adding Hearts and various board games. We are open to suggestions.


At Central Christian Church at the corner of Forrer and Smithville.?


If you wish to play, please contact Barb at 254-5022 We need 4 people to a table to play.

Next Games Night: Sept. 7th 

If you wish to play, please contact  Barb at 254-5022. We need  a minimum  of 4 people to play.

Dining Out, 5:30 PM  3rd Tuesday each month:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 6 pm - Dining Out

The September dining out will at the Olive Garden, Dayton Mall area.  The Old Bag of Nails Pub was a great success  Join us for a great time.  Directions will follow. Call Barb at 254-5022 for information.  Time is 6 pm.. Please call at east 24 hors in advance so we know how many are coming

Special Events

Non Interaction Events of Interest:

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 9:55 a.m.- Holiday at Home Parade

Join us at our traditional journey to the annual Kettering Parade.  Those who attend will decide where to have lunch afterwards.  The location is on Far Hills Avenue right in front of Barb's church Fairmont Presbyterian Church located at 3705 Far Hills Avenue.  There are many detours that morning so beware.  The way I go to the parade is to take Smithville to Wilmington and then south on Wilmington to Dorothy Lane.  Take Dorothy Lane west bound.  You will cross Shroyer and Far Hills/.  Take a left on Fairmont Avenue - that is a very short street.  Turn off of Fairmont left on to Avon Way and then a right on to Lenox Drive.   Go south on to Lenox and then turn left on to Fox Ridge.  You will be coming into the church from the back.  Park and walk around to the front.  Barb will be in the area.  If you are coming from Centerville, come north on Wilmington (Far Hills is closed)  and if you are coming from Beavercreek, take Indian Riffle till it changes to Dorothy Lane.  Rest of the directions are the same.  Hopefully the weather is cooler than last year.  Fairmont is air conditioned if you do need to cool off.  Bottle water is available and so are restrooms on the upstairs level.  See  you there.  Call Barb at 254-5022 for information.

Last Saturday of Every Month August 27th.

Eastmont United Methodist Church, 9 to 11. Free breakfast eggs, sausage, etc.

The Christopher Club:

There are often other special events such as live band nights on other Fridays. Contact the Christopher Club Web site at, http://thechristopherclub.com/ or Call 299-6351.